Emboxy is your second inbox for newsletters, deals, signup confirmations and spam.

Email turned into a feed

Emboxy displays your emails in a scrollable feed, which means you don't have to click through every email.

One-click instant unsubscribe

Unsubscribe easily from a newsletter and blacklist the email with a single click - no questions asked!

Automatic cleaning

Emails are automatically removed after 2 weeks, but if you want to keep an email, you can save it with a click of a button.

Green-light emails Coming soon

Forward the emails you want in your real inbox by green-lighting an email

Forward unsubscribe Coming soon

Forward a newsletter from your regular inbox to us, and we will update your email settings to send that newsletter to your Emboxy instead

Weekly digest Coming soon

Get a weekly digest of your Emboxy inbox if you want to.

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Emboxy will be permanently closing on January 31st, direct any questions to viktor [at] omitjs [dot] com